Customer Journey Education

Our goal as a Carter team member is to help our customers and fellow team members achieve their highest level of success. In order to accomplish this we have to be the best versions of ourselves that we can and that starts with continuous education. As we push ourselves to grow professionally and individually we can offer our customers secure, effortless, appreciated, and memorable interactions that ultimately lead to loyalty. On this page you’ll find several ways to continue your customer journey education.

Carter CX Training

In this continued education program you will learn how to deliver an Effortless experience and how to make our customers feel Appreciated and Secure in each and every interaction they have with us and our total Carter team. You will explore the meaning behind “Our Customers. Our Compass.” and explore the connection between the Employee Experience and the Customer Experience.

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Customer Education Opportunities

Carter Machinery has exciting training opportunities for all of our customers through our training platform, CarterU. This intuitive, easy-to-use platform offers engaging videos, interactive training, virtual simulations, and much more all at your fingertips. Once a customer is enrolled in CarterU they’ll also have opportunities to attend instructor-led training offered at various convenient locations.

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Becoming a Carter technician

Carter Machinery’s nationally recognized and fully accredited program provides individuals with a strong mechanical aptitude who are graduating high school or exiting the military with the tools necessary to begin a rewarding career as a construction equipment technician. If you know someone who is interested or would be a good fit, refer them to the Carter Apprenticeship Program today!