Enabling Customers To Achieve
Their Highest Level of Success


I love dealing with everybody in Richmond Parts. When there is an issue, they always do their best to accommodate me and are always true to their word.

Conner Priest

C. Priest Construction, LLC.


Harrisonburg Rental is fast, they answer my calls and get me the equipment I need when I ask for it and the equipment is in great shape.

Floyd Pence

Burgess Snyder Industries, Inc.

“Our Customers. Our Compass. Their experience with Carter begins from the inside, within our Employee’s experience. Our real opportunity is to Appreciate them and create a Secure and Effortless experience in every interaction we have with them. ”

Bryan Gregory | Customer Experience Director

The Customer Journey 

The customer journey is every single interaction and moment of discovery over the life of that customer with Carter Machinery.

Customer Experience (CX) is how our customers perceive Carter Machinery based on their personal interactions. Developing loyal customers is a continuous cycle that influences how customers feel about their experiences with a company, brand, product or service. This is affected by everything the customer sees, hears, touches, smells and tastes through those interactions. Customer Experience creates interactions which create memories which create an experience that impact a customer’s loyalty.

Loyalty stems from experiences that demonstrate three specific aspects:

Appreciate – We show we care.
Secure – We build confidence.
Effortless – We make it easy.

And are illuminated by:

– Interactions – Every engagement a cusotmer has with a Carter team member.
– Emotions – What is felt during & after the interaction occurs.
– Memories – Lasting impressions that are created by each emotion.

When we actively listen to our customers, we gain a better understanding of their needs and wants. Then, when we communicate these insights within our organization and act on them consistently, we’re able to create the type of customer interactions that result in positive emotions. These emotions form lasting memories, which in turn, translate to customer loyalty.

“There are three simple things each of us needs to do each and every day to deliver a good experience to our customers:
1) make them feel appreciated
2) make them feel secure – gain and build their confidence, and
3) deliver an effortless experience – making sure working with Carter “easy”.
Doing these three things will ensure we’re enabling our customers to reach their highest level of success.”

Camille Soukup | Customer Experience Consultant

What does Carter mean to its customers?

Listen to what customers are saying.

Interstate Hardwoods – Great Shop Service

A Great Shop Service Experience

Living The Carter Way

“Ultimately, customer experience goes back to The Carter Way. It’s about Who We Are (Our Values) and Why We Do It (Our Purpose). We enable EVERY TEAM MEMBER AND EVERY CUSTOMER to achieve their highest level of success. If we are living The Carter Way each and every day our customer’s experience with Carter will be top-notch, the best by any measure.”

Drew Parker | Chief Executive Officer

I am a builder.

The customers we serve are Everyday Heroes. “Let’s get to work” isn’t a slogan or a catch-phrase, it’s a commitment. At Carter Machinery, we measure our success through the success of our customers. This is our commitment all day, every day and that’s what this video is all about. Now…Let’s get to work.